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Skylark Optical Manufacturing Ltd is the leading optical frames manufacturer in Bangladesh; we have an extensive range of quality eyewear products with competitive prices to cater all our customers fashion need. We build long-term partnership with our valuable customers and grow our business together.

Our aim is to provide customers with excellent service, prompt quotation, committed delivery schedule and quality workmanship optical frame products. Based on our strong experience and profound knowledge in manufacturing, we can ensure that customers' satisfaction will be met!

Competitive Advantage

In order to provide the best value to our customers, we establish a network of dedicated suppliers from raw material (Korea, China, Italy, and Japan) to production to maximize and synergize sourcing benefit for our customers. Furthermore, we have our own factory at our own land. That is to say, you are purchasing from us without giving any extra commission to the middle man so that you save your purchase cost.

We have aptitude and expertise to supply goods following customers design and size by using the latest CAD/CAM software. The ethics of our company is to ensure quality goods in competitive price.

Quality Assurance

Our quality control team is dedicated to ensure your products are in excellent condition by monitoring every stage of production from raw materials sourcing to delivering of finished products.